This program is designed for the practicing surgeon. It is meant to provide an update in the various disciplines of surgery with application to daily practice, and to enhance the knowledge of the participant in these areas. The program is intended to meet the needs of surgeons in clinical practice for up-to-date information on the latest techniques in general and specialty surgical areas and to provide a means for surgical students and researchers to report the results of their research.


MARCH 18, 2022

Mock Orals: 3.00 credits (invite only)

MARCH 19, 2022

Abstract Session: President’s Session: 0.75 credit
Military Medicine: 0.75 credit
Mini-Talk Session: Surgical Potpourri I: 0.25 credit
ACS Update: 0.50 credit
Abstract Session: Trauma: 0.75 credit (trauma mandate .75 hour)
Mini-Talk Session: Trauma: 0.25 credit (trauma mandate .25 hour)
DEI Session: 1.00 credit
COVID Panel Discussion: 1.00 credit (covid mandate 1 hour)
Mini-Talk: Surgical Potpourri II: 0.25 credit
Advocacy Panel: 0.75 credit
Round One: Resident Surgical Jeopardy: 0.75 credit
Poster Session: 0.75 credit              

 MARCH 20, 2022

Abstract Session: Surgical Potpourri: 1.00 credit
Guest Speaker (Neal Jackson): 0.50 credit
Mini-Talks IV: 0.25 credit
Guest Speaker (Jeremy Timmer): 0.50 credit
Abstract Session: Surgical Oncology: 0.75 credit (cancer mandate .25 hour)
Final Round: Resident Surgical Jeopardy: 0.50 credit