Humanitarian Award

Charles Lester Black, Sr., M.D.
August 23, 1913 – June 19, 2010

About Scholarship

The purpose of the The LA-ACS Charles Lester Black Humanitarian Award is to recognize a Louisiana Chapter ACS Member who has dedicated a significant amount of time to humanitarian medical outreach activity and capacity building abroad.

Humanitarian service is defined as actions, beyond the responsibilities of one’s profession or occupation, that have helped to improve the welfare of humankind, including significant contributions benefiting one’s community.

Recipients of the Humanitarian Award

2017    Hosein Shokouh-Amiri, MD, FACS

2019    Gazi Zibari, MD, FACS

2020    Quyen Chu, MD, MBA, FACS

A note from the LA-ACS President

With permission from Dr. Charles Black, Jr., it is my pleasure to share with you the memoir of Dr. Black’s late father, Dr. Charles Black. The memoir is an account of his extensive travels, providing care to less fortunate individuals from different parts of the world.  It is a fascinating read, and I especially liked the part where he met Dr. Albert Schweitzer (page 30), a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.