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The Future. Through the Eyes of a Surgeon

As health care changes, it is critical that surgeons continue to have a strong voice and seat at the table in all patient care decisions. A new video encouraging Fellows to become actively involved in helping the ACS take bold steps and speak with a unified voice on behalf of patients was released during Clinical Congress. The ACS encourages Fellows to share the video with colleagues and at your chapter meetings.

The campaign has been developed so that we may strengthen our collective voice, and to reach health care leaders, policymakers, and the public. The ACS encourages Fellows to share the video with colleagues and at your chapter meetings.

The mission of the Louisiana Chapter of the American College of Surgeons is to:

Support the standards and directives of the American College of Surgeons in Louisiana;

Advance the art and science of surgery in Louisiana through continuing
education of Louisiana surgeons;

Further communication and camaraderie among Louisiana surgeons;

Provide a Forum for Young Surgeons

Provide a means through which Louisiana surgeons can cooperate with
other professional, political, and civic organizations in promulgating good
health among Louisiana citizens.

Advocate for safe, effective surgical care for Louisiana citizens.

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Juan Duchesne, MD, FACS

Queyen Chu, MD, FACS

Rachel Moore, MD, FACS

Donnie Aultman, MD, FACS

Lance Stuke, MD, FACS

John Hunt, MD, FACS
Past President


Jennifer Gnerlich, MD, FACS

Christopher DuCoin, MD, FACS

Navdeep Samra, MD, FACS, FICS

Kerry Byrnes, MD, FACS

Jason Breaux, MD, FACS


Rebecca Schroll, MD, FACS
LA-ACS Advocacy Chair

Quyen Chu, MD, FACS
Cancer Committee Chairman

Tomas H Jacome MD, FACS
Trauma Committee Chair

Lance Stuke, MD, FACS
Young Fellows Chair


Kevin Sittig, MD, FACS

Quyen Chu, MD, FACS
1st vice president

Clifton McGinness, MD, FACS

Ralph Corsetti, MD, FACS

Donnie Aultman, MD, FACS
Past President

Charles Bellows, MD, FACS
Herman Heck, MD, FACS
Roger Kim, MD, FACS